Our advice is based on solid understanding of the company’s and the owner’s position. We assist
from the evaluation of possible courses of action to completion of the transaction. The main focus is to create value for our clients.

mergers and acquisitions

Together with the client Sundström & Partners evaluates the conditions of the mission and the desired outcome of a divestment. We then create a process for a successful outcome. Choice of method and structure are based on a number of different parameters such as the company’s size, potential, market position, value, and number of potential buyers, attractiveness and the client’s preferences.

Besides methodology and structure Sundström & Partners acts as project leader throughout the process including preparation of meetings and company presentations, identify and liaise with potential buyers, evaluate bids, lead negotiations with buyers, prepare and assist in due diligence.

We also coordinate other required advisers such as lawyers and accountants.

The divestment could include selling the entire company or part of it, a merger or selling the majority of the shares to a new owner, such as a private equity fund.

The starting point for an acquisition is usually that a company wants to develop their business and create value. Our clients are mainly such companies. Clients could also be private equity firms and similar type of investors or a company management team who want to buy a business (MBO).

Acquisitions could include private companies, public companies or parts of businesses. Sundström & Partners is normally acting as a project manager throughout the acquisition process including identifying potential acquisition targets and contacting them, evaluating and proposing bid level and structure, negotiating commercial terms, assisting in due diligence and negotiating the final agreements.

Important issues include financing of the acquisition, possible synergies in the short and long term, management and governance and integration.


Sundström & Partners provides advisory services primarily to companies seeking financing for expansion of their business but also other situations such as the refinancing of the company or raising capital for private equity funds.

The capital raising assignments that we undertake are primarily aimed at a limited number of professional investors such as private equity funds, institutions and major private investors. We take the main responsibility for the project and develop the necessary presentation materials, analyses of the company, pricing and structure of the offer, management and negotiating with investors and assisting in the preparation of final documentation.


In addition to more transaction-related advice Sundström & Partners offers counselling in specific situations. It may involve feasibility studies before a decision for acquisitions, divestments or listings. It can also be strategic issues such as value-building measures for an upcoming divestment.

Prior to going into an acquisition process we can make a survey of potential acquisition targets. In connection with ownership changes, generation changes, or other structural changes, we are a natural discussion partner in strategic and financial issues.