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We offer high-level financial
advice to companies, board

of directors and owners.

Based on solid understanding of the 

company's and owner's position.


Sundström & Partners offers high-level financial advice to companies, board of directors and owners. We assist our clients with buying and selling their business (M&A) and with equity financing.




Om oss

Sundström & Partners was established in 2002 and has ever since been a solid adviser to companies and owner's in variety of situations, in various industries.  We have been working with clients within the engineering industry, aviation, forest, hotels, amusement parks, IT, consulting, travel, media, retail, telecom, tech and software. The main focus has been mergers and acquisitions, as well as capital raising but also strategic advice. We have many years of experience working with business transactions and from different perspectives; being advisors, company leaders, board members, entrepreneurs and owners. This gives us a breadth and depth to solve our customers' needs. The basis for our advice is to understand the situation of the company and the owner.


In recent years, we have increasingly come to work with growth companies, mainly within tech and software. We think it is stimulating, yet exciting to work with entrepreneurs who want to change and improve the world. For example, we have worked with capital raising and sales of companies that develop and sell software as a service (SaaS) and offer advanced solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI).

The remuneration of our work preferably consists of a success fee that will be paid if, and when, a transaction is done. In addition a smaller mile stone based retainer is paid during the term of the assignment. 

Our Services



Financial advice in connection with

the divestment, merger or

acquisition of businesses.



Financial advice to businesses in connection with capital raising.



Financial advice on various

strategic and financial issues.




Göran Sundström

Managing Partner

Managing Partner


Göran has 30 years of experience from financial advisory services focusing primarily on mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, IPOs and strategic financial issues.

Before founding Sundström & Partners Göran held senior positions within corporate finance at some of the larger Nordic investment banks such as Alfred Berg Fondkommission, Aros Securities and Nordea Securities. Prior to that, Göran, among others, worked as business controller at Scania. Göran holds an BBA from the University of Lund.

Other appointments:
- Board member of Parks & Resorts Scandinavia
- Board member of Clas Ohlson
- Board member of Clas Ohlson Foundation

Hans Hemmingsson

Senior Advisor

Hans has extensive experience from financial advisory and communication, entrepreneurship and management, board and strategy issues. Hans also dedicates time to various charitable organizations both in Sweden and in developing countries.

During his 15 years as corporate finance advisor Hans has held positions at Alfred Berg Fondkommission, Lommen Corporate Finance as founder and managing partner and LongAcre Partners Ltd. 

Hans experience within finacial communication includes partnership in Hallvarsson & Halvarsson AB, principal owner of Intera AB, analyst at Broadgate Consultants, New York, and reporter for the Swedish Business Magazine Affärsvärlden. 

Other appointments

- Board member of Alzheimers Fund

- Board member of Erica Foundation

- Chairman of the Board of Unikum - Unikt Lärande


Senior Advisor

Torvald Bohlin

Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor


Torvald has nearly 40 years of experience from leading executive positions in Swedish and international business.

Among other positions, Torvald has been the CEO and board member of Aftonbladet, Senior Executive VP of the Telia Group, Chairman of Com Hem and Eniro, CEO and board member of Neonet and board member of Tradedoubler.

As CEO and Chairman, he has been responsible for a number of acquisitions and divestments, capital raisings and IPOs of companies both in Sweden and abroad.

Since 2006, Torvald is mainly active as an investor and board member of growth companies, primarily in IT and telecom. Torvald Bohlin has a BBA from the University of Linköping.

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